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Acrylic rectangular bathtub ExclusiveLine IVEA 160x75 cm

Product Code:  SC06-WP-160-75
Availability:  2-3 days
Dimensions:  160 x 75 x 61.5 cm (L x W x H)

1 040,00 zł

Available Options


For each acrylic bathtub purchased at essente.pl we offer an automatic siphon with a knob, a plug and an overflow free of charge. The siphon is available in black matt and chrome. Siphons are made in Poland.

Additional accesories

If you want to order acrylic skirt for bathtub or other accesories, please select below checkbox.


Why you should choose ESSENTE bathtubs from ExclusiveLine series?

Polskie wanny akrylowe ESSENTE seria ExclusiveLineExclusiveLine series is a newest line of acrylic bathtubs polish brand ESSENTE. Bathtubs it is developed for years of experience, combining the unique design and thought over and the Polish quality on the highest European level. ExclusiveLine series are a design thought over, a subtle form, an exceptional beauty and an excellent product quality. For the production of bathtubs from these series we used select acrylic plates the as many as 4 mm thick, what in combination with the high quality of the workmanship is a guaranteeing the long-lasting use. We are granting 15 years warranty on the invariability of the colour of acrylic base and his deformations.

Product Overview

Model, kind of product

  • series: ExclusiveLine
  • product SKU: SC06-WP-160-75
  • type of bathtub: acrylic, rectangular

Material of the workmanship

  • made from high quality sanitary acrylic cast, white snow colour
  • antibacterial coating
  • reinforcement: LA - fibreglass
  • acrylic construction is strong, light and warmer to the touch than typical enamel and steel tubs
  • perfectly the flat surface is ensuring the easiness of cleaning and the conservation
  • adjustable base for accurate leveling and stability

Remaining informations

  • possibility of developing the bathtub
  • you can buy dedicated front panel
  • bathtub depth: 42 cm
  • guarantee on acrylic base: 15 years
Aranżacja wanny akrylowej SC06-WP Sample arrangement of rectangular bathtub IVEA, ExclusiveLine series

The most important features of acrylic ESSENTE bathtubs, ExclusiveLine series

NOTE! Cable-driven pop-up drain and waste overflow are not included and not installed on bathtub. You can purchase them individually.

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