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Asymmetrical corner whirlpool hydromassage tub, left or right side, ESSENTE ExclusiveLine IMPALA 140x90

Product Code:  SC04-WAL/P-H-140-90
Availability:  Custom-Made (25-30 working days)
Dimensions:  140 x 90 x 57.5 cm (L x W x H)

6 260,00 zł

Available Options

* Bathtub side

Bathtub is available in left or right side, plase select Your design.

Bathtub side
* Hydromassage system

Each bathtub model can have one from 4 variants of hydromassage system. Description and comparision of hydromassage systems you will find in table below product review. Presented price is calculated on STANDARD system.

Additional accesories

If you want to order acrylic skirt for bathtub or other accesories, please select below checkbox.

Options for hydromassage systems

You can choose additional options for each hydromassage system:


Relaxing bathing - check ESSENTE hydromassage bathtubs from ExclusiveLine series

Excellent polish quality - whirlpool bathtubs from ExclusiveLine seriesExclusiveLine series is a new line of bathtubs with the hydromassage of the Polish brand ESSENTE. Bathtubs with hydromassage systems we produce since 2008 year. Relying on the long-term experience we created series of bathtubs with the hydromassage, being combining the reliability, technological high-tech solutions and the quality on the European level. ExclusiveLine series are a design thought over, a subtle form and an exceptional beauty and an excellent product quality. For the production of ExclusiveLine whirlpool bathtubs we used select acrylic plates the as many as 4 mm thick, systems of the hydromassage were created on the basis of sub-assemblies of the reputed German and French companies. The whole of the production is held on the area of plants located in Poland. We took care of the smallest details in order to provide the long-standing and failure-free use of our bathtubs with the hydromassage.

Product Overwiev

Model, kind of product

  • series: ExclusiveLine
  • type of bathtub: whirlpool bathtub asymmetric corner in left / right direction
  • bathtub depth: 39 cm
  • capacity: 155 l

Material performance

  • made from high quality Lucite® acrylic cast, white snow colour
  • system of flat pipes NIBCO (protection against tthe formation of settlements in pipes)
  • antibacterial coating, resistant for UV radiation
  • reinforcement: LA - fibreglass
  • acrylic construction is strong, light and warmer to the touch than typical enamel and steel tubs
  • perfectly the flat surface is ensuring the easiness of cleaning and the conservation
  • adjustable steel base for accurate leveling and stability
  • all hydromassage jets are made from chromed brass
  • brass body of pop-up drain and waste overflow, finished chromium, so it won’t rust

Available hydro-massage systems

  • BASE
Detailed description and comparison of hydro-massage systems you can find in the tab "COMPARE HYDROMASSAGE SYSTEMS"

Electrical parameters

  • mains connection: AC 230V/50Hz
  • minimal diameter of the power wire: 3x2,5 mm2 Cu
  • internal voltage: 12V
  • safety class: IPX55 IP class (International Protection Rating) – follow norms minimal safety class for hydromassage bathtubs is IPX4 or higher.
  • protection class against electric shock: I
  • hydromassage systems power consumption: ≦ 850 W (BASE), ≦ 1550 W (STANDARD, ADVANCED), ≦ 1700 W (TWIN POWER)
  • power rating of electrical equipments: water pump - 750 W (in TWIN POWER system - 900 W), air blower - 700 W (only systems STANDARD, ADVANCED, TWIN POWER), heater - 2000 W (option for all systems), air blower with air heating and ozone lamp (option) - 1000 W


  • guarantee on hydromassage systems: 3 years
  • guarantee on acrylic base: 15 years
  • kind of guarantee: in home

Remaining informations

  • cable-driven pop-up drain and waste overflow are included and installed on bathtub (made by french manufacturer NICOL)
  • installed drainage siphone (finishing of drain pipe Ø50 mm)
  • possibility of developing the bathtub
  • you can buy dedicated front panel
  • possibility to install faucet on side of bathtub
Why ExclusiveLine whirlpool bathtubs?
  • you purchase product made in Poland
  • high-quality acrylic cast
  • high-quality electrical equipments based on Hoesch® and ASD® brand
  • professional technical service
  • manual installation instruction in polish language
  • possibility to install whirlpool bathtub through our Authorized Service Points
  • warranty and post-warranty service and easy and fast access to spare parts

Compare hydromassage systems

Electronic guidance (control panel) x x x x
Sygnaling activity of working function x x x x
On / Off all working functions x x x x
Water pump on / off button x x x x
Air pump on / off button x x x
White power led or multicolor chromoteraphy lamp on / off button x x
Indicator of power supply x x x x
Indicator of correct water level x x x x
Big water jest (side) 6 6 6 6
Small water jets - back 4 4 4 4
Small water jets - feet 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 *
Air nozzles 10 ** 10 ** 10 **
Power of water pump 750 W 750 W 750 W 900 W
Pulsating work mode of water pump (in range 400-900 W) - - - x
Electronic adjustment (+/-) of intensity of water pump working - - - x
Power of air blower 700 W 700 W 700 W
Pulsating work mode of air blower (in range 300-700 W) - - - x
Electronic adjustment (+/-) of intensity of air blower working - - - x
Light power led (white light) x x
Anti-vibration shock absorber x x x x
Aerating of water massage x x x x
Programmed hydromassage time (20 min.) x x x x
Protection before switch on water pump without water x x x x
Automatic dryout air nozzles and air system pipes x x x

* in all corner symmetric bathtubs (ex. 130x130, 140x140 etc.) and DUO type bathtubs qty. of small water jets in each corner will be 4 (total 8)
** in the corner symmetric bathtubs (all dimensions) and bathtubs with center drain position on tub floor qty. of air nozzles will be 12

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