Walk-in bathtub - find out about the advantages of an openable tub

If you have difficulty getting in and out of a traditional bathtub, a bathtub with doors may be the answer. Open bathtub is a practical solution that allows for easy and safe access to the bathtub, without having to climb over its high rim. Baths with doors are ideal for the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as people with injuries or limited mobility. These tubs have hinged doors that can be opened inwards or outwards for easy entry and exit. Bathtubs with opening doors are often equipped with special handles or bathtub handrails that allow easy and safe use of the bathtub, selected models are also offered with comfortable bathtub cushions - as you can see, a bathtub with a door is not only practical solution, but also safe and comfortable. Bathtubs with doors from our offer can be equipped with any hydromassage system (water massage, mixed water and air), which we install in classic bathroom bathtubs.

Our baths with doors are available in several sizes and shapes - you can choose a corner bathtub with a door or a rectangular one, in the left or right version. The ability to choose the size and shape of the bathtub allows it to be adapted to the available space in the bathroom, which facilitates planning and arrangement of the interior. When choosing a open bathtub with a door, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. First of all, you should choose the right size and shape of the bathtub so that it fits perfectly into the bathroom using the available space. Secondly, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the bathtub and its functionality, especially when the bathtub with a door is equipped with a hydromassage system.  Thirdly, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer and other users' opinions in order to choose a reputable and trustworthy product. Bathtubs with doors offered by Essente.pl are a practical and convenient solution for people with different needs. By choosing a bathtub with a door, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing bath without having to worry about getting in and out safely.

Bathtubs for the disabled - independence and autonomy in terms of hygiene

Entering a bathtub for people with disabilities can be a very big problem, and in the case of classic bathtubs, an insurmountable barrier. Finding the right solutions for people with disabilities is crucial to ensuring their comfort and independence, and bathtubs with opening doors fulfill this function. Our range of bathtubs with doors for the disabled was created for people with mobility difficulties. The opened bathtub for the disabled is an innovative solution that allows easy entry and exit of the bathtub without having to carry the person over the high edges of the bathtub. Our bathtubs for the disabled are equipped with solid doors with metal hinges that allow for easy opening and closing, ensuring full stability and safety when using the bathtub. Thanks to this, people with disabilities can enjoy a relaxing bath, regardless of their mobility limitations. Bathtubs opened for the disabled are therefore not only a practical solution, but above all they are important for maintaining the dignity and independence of people with mobility limitations.

Tubs with doors for the disabled from our offer offer even greater comfort and functionality for people with mobility impairments compared to competing products. They have been designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind, enabling them to enter the bathtub easily and safely through a wide door. Selected models of bathtubs with opening doors are equipped with a special bathtub handle and comfortable bathtub headrests made of soft polyurethane foam. Baths with doors is a solution that provides disabled people with comfort and autonomy while bathing, eliminating their mobility barriers. Our disabled bathtubs have not only been carefully designed with functionality and safety in mind, but also made of high-quality materials (sanitary acrylic), which guarantees their durability and ease of cleaning. We offer various sizes and configurations of bathtubs with doors to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Walk-in tub with a door for seniors - safety and comfort during bathing

Choosing the right senior bathtub is crucial to ensure safe and comfortable bathing for them. In our offer you will find a narrow bathtub for seniors with a door, which was designed with the needs of the elderly in mind. Bathtub for seniors with doors guarantees easy entry and exit of the bathtub, eliminating the need to overcome its high edges, which can be difficult and dangerous for elderly people. Our bath tubs for the elderly not only ensure safety during their bathing, but also comfort thanks to ergonomic shapes and amenities such as handrails and bath headrests. Bathtubs with doors for seniors are an ideal solution for those people who have mobility limitations resulting from illnesses, surgeries or simply old age. An open bathtub for seniors is an innovative solution that allows the removal of mobility barriers, which is often the cause of poor hygiene in the elderly. Thanks to the wide and low-set door, the elderly can freely enter and exit the bathtub without effort and the risk of falling - each bathtub with a door from Essente.pl has been designed with their safety and comfort in mind. A low bathtub for seniors with a door is not only functional, but also aesthetic, thanks to which it will perfectly fit into any bathroom.

Our bathtubs for the elderly are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and easy cleaning of such a bathtub. All products have been carefully tested and meet the highest quality standards. We offer various configurations and sizes to suit the individual preferences and needs of our customers. By choosing bathtubs for seniors, you care about their safety and comfort. Baths opened with doors are adapted to the needs of older people, enabling them to take a relaxing and, most importantly, safe bath. Regardless of mobility limitations, our baths with doors for seniors give them independence and freedom during their daily hygiene.

Shallow bathtub for the elderly - facts and myths

Many people search the Internet for something like shallow bathtubs for seniors - unfortunately, this is basically an impossible task. In general, on the market of bathroom bathtubs (standard bath) we will not find specially designed or dedicated low bathtubs for seniors - manufacturers rather focus on the so-called. mass market, so it will be difficult for us to find suitable solutions - the question remains, what does a low or shallow bathtub mean. Standard bathtubs have an installation height of 55-65 cm - you can check it yourself by browsing our offer acrylic bathroom bathtubs. This means that there are basically no shallow bath for the elderly on the market - an alternative, but at the same time synonymous with "shallow bathtub for the elderly" is simply a bathtub with a door. It is bathtubs with opening doors that are a targeted offer for the elderly or disabled. An openable bathtub for seniors is a typical tub with an opening side and it is certainly not a standard solution that we meet every day in our bathrooms - good news for all of us is that every bathtub with a door it can be used as an ordinary acrylic bathtub.

Open bathtub - many uses and functions

Open tub is a solution that, as we have shown above, offers many uses and functions. Bathtub with doors is a perfect solution for people with disabilities, the elderly and all those who have difficulty getting in and out of a traditional bathtub. Openable bathtubs with doorsmake it easier to use, eliminating the need to enter the bathtub through high edges, which can be problematic and dangerous for many people. Openable bathtubs for the disabled and bathtubs with doors for seniors have been designed to ensure safety and comfort for this group of people - such bathtubs enable independent use of the bath, giving independence and comfort to their users. Baths with opening doors are also ideal for caregivers who help the elderly or disabled in the bath by giving them easier access to the bath. Our open bathtubs have been designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. We offer various models and configurations to adapt to the needs of our customers. Bathtubs with doors from the Essente offer are made of high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and appropriate quality. By choosing an open bathtub, you gain many benefits - you can enjoy relaxing baths without worrying about safety and comfort. For people with disabilities, the elderly and their carers, baths with opening doors are often the only solution that allows for normal functioning and hygiene. Choose our bathtubs with doors and take care of the comfort and safety of yourself or your loved ones during everyday bathing!