Wall drain or floor drain? Or maybe a point drain? Inspiring linear shower drains

Modern linear shower drains are a great choice to inspire a bathroom with a shower cabin without a tray. In our linear drains, we paid special attention to the simple installation of the linear drain, the high flow capacity of the linear drain and the tight water drain provided by a solid Viega and McAlpine siphon. Other elements of the linear drains are made of certified stainless steel, which definitely distinguishes us in the linear drains category in terms of the quality of the linear drains compared to other brands and manufacturers of linear drains. The tile linear drain, also called a slim linear drain or simply a low linear drain, is the most popular due to its installation depth, which is only 6 cm. The newest product in our offer is a linear wall drain installed in modern bathrooms. The wall drain is the perfect choice for a bathroom with underfloor heating. Our linear shower drains are available from a length of 50 cm, and for larger shower cabins we have drains up to 120 cm long. Our guides and our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right size of the linear drain, as well as the installation of a linear drain, how to install a linear drain and tell you what to look for when buying a linear shower drain.

Linear block shower drain? Check out what is worth paying attention to!

Following bathroom trends, it sometimes turns out that for the installation of linear drains, we need more shoeing than we expected. Typically, a good linear shower drain requires a minimum of 10 cm. Some of us will choose a cheaper purchase and choose a product made in China with an ordinary plastic tube. There are many variants of linear outflows, but we do not recommend resorting to these solutions. By choosing a Polish linear shower drainage, you will avoid the bad smell in the bathroom. By installing a solid siphon, the drainage capacity will be much better. Our drain set is only 6 cm!