Polish whirlpool bathtubs - a manufacturer with many years of experience

We started our adventure with jacuzzi and hydromassage bathtubs in March 2008. Our many years of experience in the production of massage bathtubs resulted in the launch of the highest quality ExclusiveLine series, including over 60 models of home spa, in which we used sanitary acrylic Lucite. We offer our customers products tailored to their needs, with us you will find corner bathtubs with hydromassage (symmetrical and asymmetrical), a wide range of rectangular hydromassage bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs with jacuzzi . Our spa tubs are available in five versions of hydromassage systems. In the ExclusiveLine whirlpool's, we have used flat water jets, among the available hydro-massage systems, we offer the AIR, BASE, STANDARD, ADVANCED and TWIN POWER hydromassage systems - a comparison of hydromassage systems is available in the description of each product. Instructions for whirlpool systems in Polish are attached to each of the available systems.

Jacuzzi bathtubs - price adequate to quality

A jacuzzi tubs in a decent configuration costs about PLN 5,000 - 6,000. For this price, we can have an acrylic Polish bathtub with a water hydromassage system (e.g. our BASE water massage system) or an imported Chinese bathtub made of ABS, with a water and air massage system, with LED lighting, radio and up to 40 nozzles. Which will be better? Let's decide properly whether the hydrotherapy bathtub is to have a lot of frills or is to be a professional massage equipment, and most importantly - whether it can be serviced and repaired later (ABS models are basically unrepairable). From our ExclusiveLine and PureFull series for the amount of PLN 9-11 thousand we can have a 100% acrylic Polish bathtub with an air and water massage system, ozonation, disinfection, LED lighting, self-cleaning function and regulation of the intensity of the hydromassage system - however, if we focus on the price and are looking for the cheapest version with hydromassage, let's give up additives and focus on quality.

Massage bathtubs - discover the advantages of water and air massage

Discover extraordinary relaxation experiences and unwind in our massage bathtubs. Our whirlpool tubs have been created to provide you with unforgettable moments of relaxation, relaxation and regeneration. ESSENTE massage bathtubs will provide you with rest and vitality for your whole body, without leaving your home - we have equipped them with the most advanced hydromassage systems on the market, ensuring optimal and even water and air massage of the whole body. Enjoy the unique bathing comfort today - bath with massage offers various types of massage that reach every corner of your body, thanks to properly selected and positioned massage jets. The bathroom equipped with a massage bathtub will become your private spa resort where you can relieve muscle tension and relax after a hard day. Our hydromassage tubs will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will relax your mind and body, thanks to which you will enjoy moments of relaxation and renewal, taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of a jacuzzi bath .

Hydromassage bathtubs - opinions of customers are the most important for us

Bathtub, hydromassage, jacuzzi ... There is a lot of information on the web about home tubs with jacuzzi and hydromassage, but there are many questions about the comparison of hydromassage systems, how it works, what is massage water or air, how to clean it, how much it costs, is it safe ... We are experts in the subject of massage bathtubs, we always try to advise our clients, examine their needs, the purpose of using such a bathtub with jacuzzi - we explain how hydromassage systems work, how they differ, what disinfection, ozonation, flow water heater or aromatherapy are used for. On our blog you will find a lot of advice on hydromassage. With us, when choosing a bathtub with jacuzzi and hydromassage, you can always count on professional advice based on your needs, because your opinion is the most important thing for us!

Are our Spa hydromassage bathtubs safe?

This is one of the most frequent questions that customers ask us - in short: yes, whirlpool tubs are completely safe devices. The most important issue regarding safety is the proper preparation of the electrical installation, adapted to connecting whirlpool tub. This topic is quite extensive, so we have prepared guide in *pdf format, where you can find information on how to properly prepare the electrical installation for a jacuzzi bathtub. In other respects, the use of whirlpool does not differ much from the use of its equivalent without hydromassage systems. Frankly speaking, our Polish hydromassage bathtubs (our ExclusiveLine and PureFull lines) are therefore completely safe - they can be used just like ordinary ones.

How to clean a whirlpool's?

Cleaning a bathtub with hydromassage actually requires a bit more care than the non-hydromassage version. The good news is that it's not particularly difficult. On our blog, we published an article about cleaning and maintenance of hydromassage jacuzzi bathtubs, where you can find advice on the rules of care for bathtubs with a massage system.