Jets for a jacuzzi tub - water and air massage

The jets in the hot tub are a key element that enables the precise flow of water or air in the hydromassage or air massage system. In our offer you will find different types of water jets and air jets for jacuzzis and whirlpool tubs that will ensure optimal performance of your massage bathtub. We offer both flat water jets for side massage and small water jets for foot and back hydromassage. In the bottoms of our hydromassage bathtubs, we install peripheral type air nozzles, with side air outflow, so as not to block the air outflow by the body pressure of the person bathing in the massage bathtub.

Whirlpool control panel - solutions for home jacuzzi

The control panel in the hot tub is a kind of control center that allows you to easily and intuitively operate the various hydromassage functions of your bathtub. Thanks to our control panels, you will be able to adjust the intensity of water hydromassage or air massage, adjust the strength and intensity of the water pump and air blower, water temperature and other settings to adjust the bath in the hot tub to your individual preferences. We rely on components from renowned European manufacturers, our parts for hot tubs and home jacuzzis will enable you to take care of your hot tub, repair or regenerate it.

Whirlpool tub pump - the heart of the hydromassage system

Our jacuzzi water pumps provide powerful and even distribution of water jets, thanks to which they provide a deep and intense massage of the muscles and relaxation of the whole body. In addition, we also offer air pumps (blowers) for jacuzzi, which have standardized European threads and can be used as spare parts for other hot tubs, not necessarily our production. Water pumps and air blowers for hot tubs, which we offer to the products of the best European manufacturers - we are sure of their quality, hence each hot tub of our production is covered by a three-year warranty on the hydromassage system.

Controller for a whirlpool tub - hydromassage under control

Computer, hot tub control module is an extremely important element that supervises the operation of various components of the hydromassage system. Our controllers guarantee not only the smooth operation of the bathtub, but also allow you to program various massage programs and adjust it to your individual preferences. The ESSENTE offer includes controll modules for hydromassage tubs, ranging from the simplest hydromassage systems to the most complex ones, offering options such as hydromassage pulsation, sinusoidal operation, automatic disinfection and drying of the hydromassage system, and even on-demand functions such as such as manual draining, rinsing the tub system or manual disinfection.

Inline flow water heater for a whirlpool tub - bathing comfort

Inline-flow heaters for hot tubs are a perfect solution that allows you to maintain the optimal water temperature throughout the hydromassage. Thanks to this, the temperature of the water in the bathtub is kept constant and is pleasant for the human body. The hot tub heater is not a device that is supposed to heat the water in a hot tub - of course it is possible, but it will take too much time. These types of heaters operate on the principle of maintaining the temperature of the water in the bathtub, although in the absence of hot water in the installation or its small amount, they are an alternative to these problems.

Bathtub ozonizer - clean and sterile bath in a massage bathtub

Ozon generators for massage bathtubs are devices that effectively disinfect water in a hot tub, eliminating bacteria and impurities. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a clean and hygienic bath, while taking care of your health and safety. Our offer includes external ozone generators, connected to the hydromassage system, as well as specialized air blowers with built-in ozone lamps.