Range and subject of the warranty

1. Sigma Trade s.c. with headquarter in 15-688 Białystok, Przedzalniana 6F street, VAT number: 542-30-73-581, hereinafter referred ‘Guarantor’ who provides product warranty, about its good quality and guarants its suitability for use in accordance with its intended purpose. Guarantor declares that the elections have been admitted to trading and widespread use in construction in accordance with separate requirements.

2. The warranty covers only defects purchased product which appear during the warranty period, subject to the conditions provided in the warranty and the exclusion of defects caused by the failure of the Purchaser's compliance with the installation, use and maintenance, stated in the product manual and warranty card.

3. The guarantee applies only to products labeled and registered by the Guarantor under the trade mark „ESSENTE”.

4. The guarantor can give buyers one of the two following types of guarantees:

  1. warranty type ‘in home’ - important repairs under warranty of the product (part) shall be held in installation of the product (local buyers), by an authorized service of the Guarantor and at its expense, subject to point. 15, 26 and 29 of this warranty. This warranty applies to products which, by their nature can not be returned normally authorized service Guarantor.
  2. warranty type ‘door to door’ - defective product (part) is received from the Purchaser by a carrier acting on behalf of the Guarantor and sent to an authorized service Guarantor for repair. After removing the defect, product is sent back to the Buyer at the indicated address. The product is delivered to and collected from the site of the Guarantor at his expense.

Detailed designation given to the type of guarantee is issued on the warranty card..

5. The warranty period for particular types of products is:

  • Steam shower cabins – 24 months for acrylic/aluminum/valve/chromed/glass elements, 12 months for electric components, applied in the product (control panel, control module, steam generator, speaker, fan, etc.);
  • Whirlpool bathtubs Castylia series – 24 months for hydromassage systems and all others components and parts;
  • Whirlpool bathtubs ExclusiveLine, PureFull series – 36 months for hydromassage systems, 180 months for sanitary acrylic surface and 24 months on others parts;
  • Acrylic bathtubs and acrylic shower trays - 15 years on acrylic sanitary base, 24 months on others parts;
  • Freestanding acrylic bathtubs and acrylic shower trays - 60 months on acrylic sanitary base, 24 months on others parts;
  • Acrylic bathtubs from ExclusiveLine series, freestanding bathtub Sorena Oval - 180 months on acrylic sanitary base, 24 months on others parts;
  • Shower enclosures and doors, bath shower screens, walk-in showers and their components - 36 months;
  • Shower panels and columns, shower sets, shower heads and arms - 24 months;
  • Faucets, valves, thermostatic cartridges and their components - 24 months;
These warranty periods are used by default, if nothing else has been specified on the cover page of the warranty card, in part '* Additional information about the guarantee'.

6. The warranty period is counted from date when Purchaser received purchased product.

7. If you find that during the warranty period material defect of the product (part of) the buyer may require its removal, but when the removal of defects is not possible - delivery of the product (or part) free of defects or a reduction in the price paid.

8. In the case of replacement of the product free from defects or perform its essential repairs, the warranty period is counted anew from the date of its delivery or return (end of the repair) repaired product buyers. When replacing individual parts of the product warranty period runs from newly respect to these parts. In other cases, the warranty period is extended by the period by which the purchaser could not use the product in connection with the submitted complaint.

Complaints proceedings

9. In the case of discovery of the defect of the product before or after installation Customer should report the defect and stop the installation or use, unless the defect is irrelevant and allows the safe use of the product.

10.The complaint may be filed only in writing and deposited directly into the place of purchase or sent by letter to the address of the Guarantor or email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complex form through the service form. For filing the complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the warranty card and proof of purchase.

11. The guarantor is obliged to consider the complaint immediately or at least within 14 days of its receipt. Guarantor reserves the right to verify the product in a place where it is located (local buyers) for a more detailed verification of the complaint filed by the Buyer. In case of refusal the Buyer complaint will not be taken into account.

12. Recognized by the Guarantor defects of the product or its components will be removed within 14 days from the date that a notification of complaint. In justified cases, this period may be extended to 30 days if the removal of defects requires an additional collection of parts required for repair.

13. If the removal of defects require the Guarantor to incur excessive costs may at its discretion provide buyers a product or part free of defects rather than defect to remove.

14. If complaints are accepted - the type of guarantee 'door to door' - The buyer is obliged to protect and pack the product in its protective packaging to prevent damage during transport (preferably the original packaging of the product). For shipment must be filled in the complaint, the original warranty card and proof of purchase.

15. If complaints are accepted - the type of guarantee 'in home' - The buyer is obliged to provide location (premises), which is the subject of the complaint. Buyers refusal to make available to end a complaint process through the fault of the Purchaser. During the warranty repair The buyer is obliged to present the original proof of purchase and the warranty card.

16. If the removal of defects in the product or its components is not possible guarantor undertakes to deliver the product or the relevant part free of defects within 14 days.

17. Replaced products or parts become the property of the Guarantor.

Guarantee limits

18. The guarantee granted by the Guarantor does not include:

  • used or after exhibition products and with physical defects, which the Purchaser knew at the time of purchase;
  • products or their parts provided Purchaser free;
  • activities provided during the life of the product, such as maintenance, cleaning, disinfection, which is obliged to perform the user of the product on their own and at their own expense;
  • tubing connecting steel braided (connection to the water system and internal), supplied in the kit - they are provided merely as a temporary connection of the product and ad-hoc validate product performance in the field of water intake during installation and can not be used for permanent and long-term connection the product to the water. If you use them in a manner contrary to the above Guarantor shall not be liable for any damages resulting from damage (flooding of the premises damaging the electronics product, etc.).
  • leaks, water leaks caused by improper seal product or noncompliance sealing materials (such as sanitary silicone, etc.), indicated in the instructions for its installation;
  • water leaks caused by a loose connection ends of the hoses and drain pipes. Each time during installation of the product must be checked all of this type of connection, and adjust them accordingly;
  • incorrect work thermostatic battery (other than the temperature reading on the display), when the difference in pressure hot and cold water in the installation of the terminal is greater than 0.3 bar;
  • replacement or repair due to wear of parts and other supplies wear during normal use (rolls, seals, sliders, lamp, magnetic parts, etc.).
  • abrasion of the outer shell of the product resulting from everyday use;
  • efects caused by failure to observe the installation, use and maintenance instructions given in the product;
  • damage to the external surfaces and internal damage, caused by inappropriate use of preservative-cleaning and improper care product (improper use of chemicals);
  • defects caused by mechanical damage, thermal, chemical and pollution as well as other damages caused by the fault of the user.
  • defects and faults caused by precipitations of water used (requires regular maintenance and cleaning, and use of appropriate filters and softeners), in particular scaling;
  • defects or damage as a result of fortuitous events or force majeure and other properties of the resulting water facilities and electric (eg. voltage spikes, surges mains, electrolysis, corrosion);

19. The warranty is void because:

  • installation, use and maintenance of the product in a manner inconsistent with the instructions of the product and its intended use;
  • installation or repair by unauthorized persons and do not have the necessary powers, in particular in connection to the electricity grid (confirmation is required to connect the device by a licensed electrician);
  • connecting the product to the electrical system, incompatible with the specifications of the PN-HD 60364-7-701: 2010 / AC: 2012 (or later the replacement) on residential electrical (rooms equipped with bath or shower);
  • self-interference in the product and its design changes without written consent of the Guarantor, especially in systems and electrical components (pumps, control panels, control modules, etc.).

Final provisions

20. Warranty repairs may be performed only by the service of the Guarantor or persons authorized by him, unless the physical defect is negligible, and can be - with the consent of the Guarantor - removed independently by the Purchaser.

21. All repairs are not subject to warranty or post-warranty repairs are paid according to the price list of the Guarantor.

22. If you lose the warranty card Guarantor issued the duplicate.

23. Warranty is valid if it appears on the stamp and signature of the seller or the Guarantor, and it has clearly filled boxes without any changes or deletions made by the Purchaser.

24. In the case of an unjustified complaint notification or declaration covered by warranty Buyer covers the cost of travel and lump-sum compensation service personnel Guarantor.

25. Refusal to reimburse the costs referred to in point 24 will void the warranty.

26. Protection Warranty applies only to the Polish Republic.

27. Guarantor shall not cover costs dismantling and re-assembly of elements which hinder or prevent access to the product (eg. Tiles, building elements, etc.), If the installation instructions indicated maintain sufficient free space around the product for maintenance or repair.

28. The purchaser is not entitled under the guarantee the right to claim for reassembly replaced or repaired parts of the product, if at the time of purchase, this part does not constitute its integral whole.

29. Warranty 'in home' does not include components and parts replaceable product that has been delivered to the self-assembly and which are not its main components and insignificant defects in the product.

30. The guarantee does not cover cases where a sales contract or other agreement relating to a product, a direct seller of the product undertaken to the Purchaser to the benefits that go beyond the terms of this guarantee and the regulations of Polish law applicable to the guarantee.

This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Buyer resulting from the provisions of the warranty for defects in the goods sold.

The guarantor reserves the right to design changes, improvements and modifications technical products aimed at improving their performance without prior notice, including products subject to warranty claims. The complaint can be downloaded at: Reclamation form