Delivery time

Purchased goods - if it is available immediately - send a standard within 48 hours after payment is booked on our account (transfer on the bank account, payment online through PayPal) or select the Client in the order of payment options for downloading (if this option is available). In event, where delivery takes place outside the Polish (other EU countries) is not possible cash on delivery, the order must be paid in advance (bank account or through PayPal). In cases where the goods are not available from the hand of the contract period for this product is given in the description. If your order contains products with different execution times, the date of delivery choosing a product that you have to wait the longest.

Security shipments

GeodisAll goods prior to shipment is carefully packed and insured. We try to reduce to a minimum the risk of damage during transport, so most goods (except for general cargo, parcel) is always sent on pallets neatly packaged in foil and protective strips, marked with warning labels (eg. Carefully glass) and for the safety of tense tape industrial PP. Our shipping is done with the specialized shipping company Pekaes.

The costs of delivery of goods

Delivery costs are calculated automatically at the time of the order by the customer and clearly indicated at the moment of confirmation of the Order by the Customer. Delivery costs depend on the amount of goods purchased, the type and form of payment. With the detailed description of each product also shows a unit cost of delivery of the goods, depending on the method of payment by the customer for the order. The general rule is that the cost of delivery for downloading an average of approx. 35-40% higher than the cost of shipping the forms of payment in advance (PayPal, bank transfer to an account). Receiving own transport from our warehouse is free (no charge for any additional costs).

See delivery price list Delivery price list.

Final comments, complaints regarding defects in the delivery

Giving your email address in the order you will receive automatically waybill number so that you can keep track of the level of the carrier Geodis, what is currently happening with the goods sent. You can store the purchased goods to 3 months free of charge.

Upon receipt of the goods carefully check the status of an external packaging in which the products are packed. In case the customer during the receipt of the consignment finds that the outer packaging is damaged or broken in such a way that there was a possibility of damage to the delivered product / s you should carefully check the contents of the consignment in the presence of the driver of the carrier. In case of failure of the product to be written down, along with a representative of the carrier complaint protocol. This will allow a quick investigation on the complaint of damage in delivery.

The carrier is obliged to deliver the shipment to the customer premises only when the weight of the package does not exceed 30 kg. In the case of products with greater weight (eg. Shower stalls, bathtubs, etc.), It may be supplied only to the door of the building in the delivery address. Our company does not affect the specific time of delivery, but from experience we know that deliveries are usually place from 13:00 - 16:00.