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Rectangular whirlpool bathtub AYATA 170x80 cm

7 799,00 zł
Feel a power of hydromassage with bathtub AYATA, 8-colors chromotherapy, efficient ASD hydromassage components with 3 definied massage programs - this modernist whirlpool bathtub will certainly fit perfectly into any modern bathroom

Rectangular whirlpool bathtub SGM-KL9210 180x120 cm

7 349,00 zł
Meet the largest two-persons hydromassage bathtub in our offer - the SGM-KL9210 model in an impressive size of 180x120 cm - an ideal proposition for people who like shared baths!

Corner whirlpool bathtub AVIRA 140x140

8 599,00 zł
Meet the AVIRA bathtub - an impressive cascade with LED lighting, 8-color chromotherapy, efficient ASD hydromassage components - this modernist whirlpool bathtub made of the highest-quality Lucite sanitary acrylic will certainly fit perfectly into any modern bathroom

Jacuzzi AZUR 1970x1650x770

36 777,00 zł
AZUR is a square-shaped, all-year-round garden jacuzzi with dimensions of 197x165 cm. Jacuzzi equipped with 1 lying place and 2 seats with various hydro massage places. The depth of 70 cm allows for adequate immersion in the water.

Whirlpool bathtub rectangular SGM-KL9103 170x75 cm

5 449,00 zł
Modern control panel, 7-color LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth module and two comfortable bathtub headrests - see model SGM-KL9103, size 170x75 cm

Hydromassage tub asymmetric ORUNA 150x100 cm

7 130,00 zł
Pretty corner asymmetrical acrylic bathtub with hydromassage, from new ExclusiveLine series by ESSENTE. Available in the left or right handed version. Dimension 150x100 cm. Excellent Polish quality!


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