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Everything you should know about ESSENTE brand

Essente is a brand of products, including such product categories as steam-cabin massage, hot tubs, shower enclosures, shower panels and columns. The brand therefore includes primarily equipment and products in category of bathroom equipment. Essent brand belongs to our company, Sigma Trade a.i., based in Bialystok
Manufacturer under Polish law are we, the definition of manufacturer has been clearly defined in the Act of 12 December 2003. On general product safety. In the light of the definition of this Act by the manufacturer shall be understood cit .: ,, (...) an economic operator on the Polish territory or in the European Union the business of producing the product, or any other person who acts as a manufacturer placing a product or him attaching your name, company name, trademark or other distinctive sign, as well as the person who repairs or regenerates product. "
Most of our products are currently produced in China. In the era of globalization of production plants can be located in different parts of the world, it should not be surprising, therefore, that we proceed similarly. Yes progressed at the moment the biggest corporations, moreover, according to CSO estimates currently 95% of the fittings and of bathroom accessories offered on the Polish market are produced just in China. The whole stage production is supervised by us, all technologies relating to the products have been invented and improved by our team of skilled workers. Our brand stands out is that, compared to cheaper competition much detail products are of much higher quality (eg. Roller, the coating thickness of the product, the type used electronics, etc.). By purchasing our products or customers always receive instruction in the Polish language, full technical support from our service center, and access to spare parts in stock, can be installed throughout the country purchased the product through our APS (authorized service centers).
In our offer you will find products in the following categories: bath with hydromassage systems, steam and massage cabins, shower panels tub, prefabricated classic. Target product portfolio will be extended to other thematically related product categories related to articles of bathroom equipment.

Read our advices and instructions about products installation

All cabins steam and massage are packaged in 4 or 5 packs, self-assembly, involving a combination of elements of the cabin. In this form the product is delivered to the final customer. Accessories in the form of mirrors, hangers, handrail fittings are located inside the packages. Automatic faucets are always factory-mounted on the panel spray. On selected models, steam generators are also already fitted at the factory, ie. Embedded and attached to the rack tray. In some models of our products also front windscreens are pre-assembled at the factory.
The products offered by us profiles of individual elements of the cabins are precisely matched to each other. However, since these products come into direct contact with water and steam escaping during operation of steam sauna is recommended to use a colorless silicone tubes on all elements, which are joined together (front windshield, side windows, roof, paddling). The use of silicone sealant will ensure optimum tightness of the product and avoid unnecessary leaks. In this respect, our products are not very different from other offerings on the market (please note that all the assembly of this type of product is used sealing materials). The fitting of the various components in our products result that there is no need to wear a proverbial "buckets" of silicone, for proper seal generally does not wear, even a silicone tube.
In most cases, the our Essente products are self-assembly in the field. However, we recommend installation by a person with appropriate qualifications for the installation of sanitary facilities. The list of our APS (authorized service centers) can be found in the section 'Service / Service Points'. Self submitting cabin or join the hot tub will not void the warranty, provided that it is conducted in accordance with applicable standards, in particular in the field of sanitary and electrical connections. Guarantee includes all components of the bath or the cabin of massage - it does not matter if you assemble them yourself, or the installation will be commissioned our APS or other specialized company - the guarantee will continue to apply. In most models, Essent products are stand alone (as a washing machine or refrigerator). For connecting bath tubs or steam are needed: water drain valves, hot and cold water, brought out the electrical connection.
You can connect the thermostatic in the house where the water is heated by a boiler. Water temperature range thermostatic ranges from 25 ° C to 60 ° C. If the water is heated in the boiler water temp.
Working pressure of water should be 2.5 bar - 5.0 bar (this is the pressure by Polish standards for residential water systems).
Each product offered by us include the steel tubing, although they are not an integral part of the product and they are not covered by the warranty. Hoses should be used only for temporary and ad hoc connect the product to the water and to check the correctness of his work during installation. After installation, the customer should purchase their own hoses connection, in order to permanently connect the product to the water. Do not cover the guarantee attached steel tubing is not due to their quality, but from the fact that often customers, making installation yourself trying to force to stop tighten the mounting nuts, which is a cardinal mistake, and often results in a hidden rupture and damage to the base of the steel tubing. The final outcome may be subsequent breaking of the tubing head or crack under the pressure of water and flooding the room where the item is located. Therefore, currently we do not give the attached tubing warranty.
Each unit Essente category cabins and steam massage or hot tubs have a "Instructions for assembly and use" in Polish, with technical drawings. This contains all information about the carrying out installation of the product and, in particular, water and electricity installations. In addition, wiring diagrams can be found in the description of each product in the Products section.
Yes, there are no contraindications with such a combination of devices.
The unit ESSENTE are adapted to 230V ± 10% (50Hz), so they are completely in line with the guidelines contained in the provisions of Polish Standard PN-IEC 60038: 1999, "IEC standard voltages" and EU regulations. So it is not required to supply three-phase 400V power supply. To properly prepare the electric installation connecting the product, please refer to the section Tips / Electrical installation.
All showers with shelter are equipped with an electric fan, which when executed produces a couple outside the cabin. Given the fact that most of the cabins are placed in the bathrooms, so the assumption equipped with a ventilation system, water vapor is removed outside the room, so there is no need to install additional pair of conductors directly from the shower.
No, there is no need. The boxes Terminal control is a two-wire, acting as an antenna. It is so effective that most of the standard radio stations should be received without the need to connect an external antenna.

Check what you should know to make use of our produts

Cleaning cabins steam baths, hydromassage systems are not complicated activities. In order to accurately read the rules of cleaning and maintenance of this type of equipment we invite you to the section Tips.
Ozone is a blue gas denser than air. The air after the storm is the smell of ozone (formed at the arc during lightning strikes). In the free state exists in the atmosphere, it is formed in the upper atmosphere by ultraviolet radiation by decay of O2 molecules under the influence of light and further combining them. Ozone is produced in high concentrations with low energy consumption. Power consumption is less than 7 kW per kilogram of ozone produced. It has the power to destroy the structure of the breeding of bacteria, and its antibacterial properties are the most effective of all other means of sterilization. The design of the generator makes it occupies relatively little space and is lightweight. Ozone can be used for purifying and disinfecting water and air. Ozone eliminates fatigue, accelerates metabolism, disinfects the body and improves blood circulation. Ozone in our products is produced using a special device known as a "ozonator". In the showers is used ozonator ozonator air and water baths. Ozonizer for cabins is located in the upper part of the shower (usually at peak) and in baths in the lower part, behind the housing. Ozone generator is not mentioned, nor making fun of him any special substances. Ozone is produced by the electric circuit in a manner similar to how it is formed naturally.
Self cleaning water jet nozzles is to use a drain system that allows to completely remove water from the wire on a "blow out." Higher models are equipped with the possibility of drainage channels, water and air with warm air. Self-cleaning nozzles minimizes retention of bacteria in the pipes of water baths and the development of the plankton in the water after a swim.
By following a few basic rules completely avoided any clogging water nozzles or air. First of all, you should try to avoid washing the head in the bathtub. It is true that the rotor turning water that collects water from the center of the tub and distributes it to the nozzle, is equipped with a safety net, but it can happen that the hair can penetrate through it and get to the nozzle system. Of course, this will not immediately clogged nozzles, but as a precautionary measure is not recommended. The same nozzles not unscrewed to clean the hydromassage use of special measures, more on this read in the section Tips.
Stone adhering to the sanitary IS result of high hardness waters. The hardness of the water to make drinking by. Standard Polish is 60-500 mg CaCO3 / dm³ and is divided as follows: - Very soft water 500 mg CaCO3 / dm3 In order to soften the water, use filters to make water softening That should be mounted With water valves to which they will connect the wires oo sanitary equipment. Installation should be carried out by. user manual filter by people with the appropriate qualifications hydraulic.
Cabin showers and steam Essent have a container for essential oils, which is located in the dish. You can easily change the oil, removing a container of dish. Evaporator is located inside the cabin, mostly in the lower part (paddling, rear panel).
Our company allows the use of funds intended for swimming or body hygiene. Bath with aromatic oil or a little foam no longer gives such comfort and our products are adequately prepared to use these funds were safe. Must be careful not only with all the balls bath - no more element should not get into the pump - though strainers in place of water intake, it may happen that an item will damage the rotor - our advice - keep an eye balls fragrance while bathing. All bath products should be readily soluble in water. Attention is drawn to the different types of salts, since these less quality for a long time dissolve in water and therefore can cause improper operation of the water pump including damage. Thus we use only funds, on the packaging which is clearly written that are designed for hot tubs water!
The water heater is useful in large tubs with a capacity of => 200 liters and sizes => 1400x1400mm (base tub) and with long baths. For example, a half-hour stay in the bath makes the water cools, and therefore should pour hot tap water, often dropping water into the drain to avoid overflow. Heater provides for maintenance of the required temperature without the need for pouring hot water tap. In Essent baths are used in various power heaters, usually with a capacity of 1100 / 1500W. Of course, the heater results in higher power consumption, but maintaining high water temperature in the bath by continuously pouring tap water also bear the cost of heating the water in the house installation (boiler for coal, gas, etc.) As well as additional water consumption. The heater is switched on from the electronic control unit. All cylinders used in our tanks (and in the majority of such products on the market) are called. water heaters - this means that the heating water takes place by diverting its flow to the heater mounted on the pipe system hydromasażowego. Therefore, in order to heat the water, it is also run each time hydromassage water. As you can see in the bath there is no external heater, localized in the housing, which could burn a person's body bathed.
Most of the fixture is made of stainless steel or high-quality nickel-plated plastic mass from outside, and thus rusting does not occur. Of course, the individual elements due to frequent contact with the water may be contaminated as all other products. So you should take care about the cleanliness of all equipment devices by means of the appropriate measures for the care cabins or hot tubs.
Seat normally maintain body weight to 120kg. However, do not sit on them suddenly, as this may threaten to tear off the hinge screws.
It is not possible. Trays can withstand the weight of more than 200kg, so no problem in the cabin can stay up to two adults at a time. Acrylic trays have additional fiber reinforcement of the resin, are mounted on a solid steel frame, therefore, even stouter people are free to use our showers.
Most showers ESSENTE is equipped with the ability to answer incoming calls (for fixed telephony). The caller's voice will be heard in the speaker cab, but the person bathing to talk through the built-in microphone located on the control panel. Of course, you need to connect the phone cable (the cable outlet is located at the rear of the cabin).
Cabs are adjustable water pressure in the cabin, on the same basis as adjusted strength spraying for example. Shower is (increasing or decreasing the flow of water). When you switch the dial function for back hydro massage strength regulated spray head. The maximum force while spraying depends on the water pressure in the installation. In the case of low water pressure in the installation, you can use an external system Pressure Tank (this possibility rather fall off in blocks of flats), and in the case of too much water pressure, use pressure reducers water (you can do both in homes and in detached houses).
The volume of the pump depends on its power. The greater the power, the work is louder. Sound pressure level of pumps used in bathtubs Essent is an average of 60-64 dB. For comparison: a working dishwasher noise about 45-55 dB, softly playing radio - 40 dB, and normal conversation - 60 dB. The volume pump water or air is determined not only the operation of the unit, but also a way to install the bath, for example, whether the feet have pads damping sound and whether the installation of the tub used acoustic insulation between it and the wall, etc.
In the ESSENTE baths are used 1 or 2 pumps. One pump is responsible for hydro water, the other for air massage.

Helpful informations about shipping ordered produts

Small products ie. shower heads, panels, etc. should be checked. However, in the case of cabins, check that windows are whole, not broken. In the case of baths to be checked case.
When courier deliveries packages then proccessing the delivery takes 24 hours. With shipments pallet 24-48. If the merchandise is not available from stock delivery time is determined individually.
For shipments up to 30kg, package courier brings to the house, while the pallet consignments courier is not obliged to bring charges.
No, the cabin arrives in parts for self-assembly. The consignment supplied manuals and installation in Polish.
Shipments small (panels, rain shower, service parts) supply courier company DPD, large shipments ie. Cabins and baths send palletized courier PEKAES.
We deliver our own transport in Bialystok (only shipping pallets). Outside Bialystok we send by courier.
Most of the products you see on our website is available from stock, although some products may be available only on request or be in the process of delivery. To see what products are available from stock, please use the filter products in the menu, you can also use the inquiry form on the product, available in the detailed description of the product.

Any questions about payment for ordered produts

Yes, we realize both shipping with an earlier payment on account, as well as cash on delivery. The costs of individual shipments are presented on the next stage of the order.
Yes, there is possibility to send good abroad.
The cost of shipping goods abroad is determined individually for each customer. It depends on the country and place where the goods are to be sent.
Yes, there is a possibility to pay for goods in a currency other than the Polish zloty, ie. The Euro and Dollars.
Yes, our company offers and accepts credit card payment for the contract (for example through PayPal)
No, the customer can pay the total amount by courier downloaded and is not required down payment.

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