ESSENTE ExclusiveLine hydromassage bathtubs is a line of custom-made bathtubs. Each bathtub is made of the highest quality Lucite acrylic plates, and reinforced with a layer of resin mix. This design allows for the installation of a hydromassage. Especially for our customers, we have prepared as many as 4 unique hydromassage systems, starting from the simple BASE hydromassage system for people with a small budget or with smaller needs, through the STANDARD, ADVANCED system, to the TWIN POWER system with huge possibilities and the highest electronic and technical advancement.

In this article, we will discuss each whirlpool system, how it works, and additional options for ExclusiveLine hot tubs.

Each hot tub in the system BASE is equipped with:

  • Electronic control - with a touch control panel with three buttons. It is the only electronic element visible after the bathtub is built in. Thanks to this, you can run the bathtub and hydromassage. The control panel is also equipped with LEDs indicating activity and readiness for operation. The power supply connection sensor and the correct water level transmit information through the controller which signals with a light on the panel that there is enough water in the bathtub to start the hydromassage. If the water level is insufficient, the sensor will block the start of the systems. In the past, hot tubs were equipped with electric or pneumatic switches. Such solutions were often emergency and unstable, which is why we use only the best electronic controllers produced in Poland for the production of ExclusiveLine hot tubs. Each of our bathtubs has a programmed operating time of 20 minutes.
  • Water hydromassage jets - flat, chrome-plated and adjustable. Each water nozzle has an adjustable water flow direction. As a standard, we mount 6 large water nozzles on the sides. Three on each side. There are always 4 small and flat water nozzles mounted on the back, which also have an adjustable flow direction. Two small water jets are mounted on the feet, identical to those on the back. If the bathtub is DUO, i.e. double or symmetrical, 2 small water jets are additionally installed on the feet. This solution allows you to bathe in two people or in reverse. To sum up, there are 12 or 14 jets as standard in each bathtub. When choosing a bathtub, many people pay attention to the number of jets. Do you think it's not enough? No problem! We can mount more of them.
  • Water pump for hydromassage with a power of 750 W, mounted on anti-vibration shock absorbers. Such pumps are usually installed in small garden pools. You can find pumps with a power of 370 W in Chinese bathtubs. Why? First of all, they are much cheaper and easily available. Pumps with less power can also be connected to weak pipes that will not be damaged by high pressure. Unfortunately, unsuspecting consumers lose out on this. Buying the first hot tub equipped with poor equipment, we can be satisfied. Having no previous contact with a jacuzzi or a good hot tub, the purchased equipment will probably suit us. If we have the opportunity to use the ExclusiveLine whirlpool tub, we will notice the difference. Here, too, it is worth considering the number of nozzles. The 750 W pump is designed to operate effectively with up to sixteen nozzles. Each subsequent one, unfortunately, will reduce its efficiency. To prove to ourselves that power matters the most, we can conduct a simple experiment. Put one straw in a glass of water and blow it effortlessly. We notice how fast the air bubbles rise up. This is how the 370 W pump works. Then we repeat the experiment by blowing twice as hard. Then we observe the power of double strength, i.e. 750 W. The last stage is blowing through several straws at once. With each additional straw added, the power of the bubbles will be weaker. The water pump with jets works in the same way.

Water and air hydromassage system STANDARD has everything that the BASE system has, and additionally there are accessories for air massage:

  • At the bottom of the bathtub we install 10 flat nozzles from which air is blown. If the bathtub has a drain in the middle, then 12 nozzles will be mounted symmetrically to the plug.
  • The power of the hydromassage is additionally provided by the second pump. It is a air blower with a power of up to 700 W. The 700 W air blower ensures proper operation with a positive effect when power is distributed over 16 nozzles. Each additional jet reduces the effectiveness of the hydromassage. In Chinese hot tubs, you can find pumps with a capacity of 200-400 W. Will the difference with such power be noticeable? If the blower only operated on 10 air nozzles, then of course 400 W would be sufficient. According to our statistics, 65% of bathtubs are manufactured with an additional TURBO system, which takes 15% of the power from the blower to aerate water nozzles, and 41% of bathtubs have more than 10 nozzles, which is why we install stronger blowers for each bathtub. More information about accessories for ExclusiveLine bathtubs can be found in the article "Dissolve in the possibilities - choose the ideal for your needs".
  • Using the capabilities of the air blower in the STANDARD system, we also installed Automatic drying of nozzles and air ducts. After the bath, after 20 minutes, the air blower will automatically turn on and blow all the water out of the piping. Many people ask us if auto-rinsing is available in the bathtub. The answer is no. Why? In Chinese bathtubs, auto-rinsing is essential, but we believe that it is not perfect. Auto-rinse draws clean water from the mains and rinses the piping. The water still remains in the piping along with the bacteria. Wet piping, positive temperatures and bacteria will cause fungus and scale to appear there sooner or later. Auto-drying will keep the piping dry and will not prepare the ground for the development of pollutants.

System ADVANCED This system includes all components included in the BASE and STADARD systems, and it has been additionally extended by:

  • POWER LED white underwater lighting - White is a universal color that protects, brings peace and well-being, ensures purity, teaches and thinks.

The last most extensive hydromassage system in ExclusiveLine bathtubs is the TWIN POWER system.

  • In the TWIN POWER system, the classic control panel has been changed from three-button to six-button and a controller with more functions has been installed.
  • You can adjust water pump power from 400 to 900 W on the control panel. In this system, we install more powerful pumps.
  • It has a pulse mode of the air blower in the range of 300-700W, which can also be set to the selected power.
  • All other features of previous systems.

Who should choose a bathtub in the TWIN POWER system?

We believe that everyone, but specific people who:

  • never taken a hot tub bath before as the power may be too much at first
  • the elderly and families with children
  • disabled people using a hot tub for rehabilitation purposes.

The choice of a hydromassage system is an individual matter. Below we have prepared a chart of the systems sold based on the orders we collected last year.


However, four unique whirlpool systems are not enough. We also have a number of different accessories that can be installed in the bathtub. We write about these additions in detail in the article "Spread in the possibilities - choose the ideal to your needs"