One of the frequently discussed topics by our customers is a matter of removing scratches on the surface of acrylic bathtubs or shower cubicle This is not contrary to appearances activity difficult and complex, most of the cracks, scratches can be removed quickly on their own.

Removing damage from acrylic

In the case of slight scratches, use a small amount of fluid bezwoskowego polishing the car. For slightly deeper scratches, chips or scratches, proceed as follows:

  1. Pre-clean scratch or scrape cleaner and acrylic surfaces, then wipe dry.
  2. Wipe damage sandpaper water (it can be purchased at most stores with automotive lacquers) starting with # 600 grit, then # 800, at the end of # 1200 or # 1500. Before moving from coarser to finer sandpaper should first thoroughly clean the surface with a damp cloth. To acrylic surface was smooth, it should be wipe in a circular motion.
  3. Use polishing paste for acrylic surfaces (available at most chain stores or with other bathroom fixtures) and cloth to smooth coating. Do not use for this purpose electronic tools with a polishing disc, as this could lead to overheating and damage to the polished surface. The surface must be polished to a high gloss using a paste and polishing cloth. Instead of polishing paste for acrylic surfaces may be an agent for polishing car body wax-based, for example. TEMPO (achieved a high degree of gloss).

In the case of deeper damage, cracks, deep scratches or large cavities must obtain a repair kit for acrylic surfaces. In the market you will find many such sets, the approximate cost is in the vicinity of 80-150 PLN. The sets include such normally liquid acrylic polishing paste and hardener for acrylic. The use of such a set will give 100% guarantee to remove almost any scratches or cracks after surgery remember to 4-5 days after the renovation does not use water and pour it repaired surface.