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Bath screen ANTERO, single leaf 80x140

Product Code:  VL.542.80
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Dimensions:  80 x 0.6 x 140 cm (L x W x H)

Bath screen ANTERO, single leaf 80x140

Modern and practical, one-piece bathtub screen ANTERO, size 80x140 cm, made of tempered safety glass, for wall mounting on the bathtub to protect against splashing water in the bathroom. The bathtub screen allows you to transform the bathtub into a very interesting combination of a traditional bathtub and a shower enclosure. Simple and quick assembly, the bathtub screen can be mounted on the left or right side , thanks to the adjustable (swivel) wall profile and the swivel hinge system, it can be easily folded against the wall. The set includes silicone gaskets, which provide additional protection against water splashing during bathing (gaskets on the glass / glass junction and bottom edge / bathtub surface). The high quality of ANTERO bathtub screens is confirmed by the warranty period of 3 years, granted in the "door to door +" system.



  • aluminum wall profile, gloss chrome finish
  • brass hinges, polished chrome finish
  • toughened glass ESG, transparent - 6 mm thick
  • silicone gaskets

Product assembly

  • type of bathtub screen: folding, one-piece
  • wall mount, universal (left / right side)
  • wall profile with an opening angle of 180 °
  • dimensions (W x H): 800x1400 mm, other dimensions according to the attached technical drawing

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