Sigma Trade with second Cerfiticate Trustworthy CompanyWe are pleased to announce that as a result of market research conducted by CBOK Sp. o.o. Rybnik, a specialist in the field of Opinion Research customers, our company has obtained re-certification "a reliable company." Sigma Trade s.c. received a certificate "Trustworthy Company 2016" for good standing with the Internet merits a business, and above all for the quality of services and outstanding customer approach. Our professionalism, backed by reliable economic activity, had a very significant impact on the test result, which enabled granting us this award. The certificate is awarded to companies characterized by impeccable and unblemished reputation among customers, ethics in business, and reliable approach to commitments to counterparties. This is the second award from one of the most popular independent monitoring organizations opinions of customers first received them in 2014.

What is a Certificate of Company Trustworthy?

Certificate of Trustworthy Company exists on the Polish market since 2013. The project was initiated by the company CBOK Rybnik Sp. o.o. Sp. k. after the then observing that the ubiquitous Internet and the rapidly growing technology and interfere clearly changing existing business models, and thus the behavior and reactions of consumers. Latest technology means that customers have access to extensive information on virtually any product, service, company or institution. Informed consumers are looking for news on the companies, which offers benefit. They often want to know if your organization is reliable. For this purpose, the holders of mobile devices spend much of their time online - reading on the interest of their institutions. As a result of this information, the company from Rybnik came up with the idea to enable both customers and businesses to establish a joint dialogue.

What gives such a certificate?

Certificate of Trustworthy Company is an award intended to mainly positive presentation of the companies in the network, and what's involved creating its good image. Potential customer, who first enters the headquarters of the organization, will become far greater confidence in the company, which was awarded by an external, independent organization, rather than to the company having no distinctions of this type. As a result, entities that can boast of having the Certificate Company Trustworthy, are perceived by customers and business partners as a reliable and providing services at the highest level. Initiated by Rybnicka venture company aims to reach the widest possible audience with a message that the company was awarded the competition.