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PROVENCE all-year-round whirlpool 218,5x218,5x93 cm. Perfect for the garden, even in winter!

Product Code:  PROVENCE
Availability:  Custom-Made (12-14 working days)
Dimensions:  218.5 x 218.5 x 93 cm (L x W x H)

Available Options

* The color of the Jacuzzi headboards
The color of the Jacuzzi headboards
* Jacuzzi enclosure

The casing of the garden bathtub is two-colored. Its corners are available in white mat, which is illuminated in Luxor and Relax versions. The rest of the casing is made of horizontally arranged planks made of a durable polymer resistant to UV radiation.

Jacuzzi enclosure
* Color of the pan
Color of the pan
* Thermocover
* Hydromassage system Angel Spa

There are three variants of hydromassage systems available for each garden jacuzzi. The specification and comparison of each of the systems is available in the table below (under the product description). The presented price is for the WHITE system (water hydromassage).

Additional options for jacuzzi

Jacuzzi PROVENCE 2185x2185x930

PROVENCE is a square-shaped, all-year-round garden jacuzzi with dimensions of 218.5 x 218.5 cm. Jacuzzi equipped with 2 lying places and 3 seats with various hydro massage places. The depth of 85 cm allows for adequate immersion in the water. Polish production, all-year-round jacuzzi is available in as many as three different systems to choose from: LUXOR, RELAX or WHITE. The SPA garden tub has 3 soft headrests made of PU foam resistant to weather conditions. The pillows are available in a choice of black, gray or white. The jacuzzi can be equipped with water pumps, air pumps, ozonator, colored LED lighting, massage power regulators, UV lamp, Aquatic audio system and a thermal cover. Everything is controlled by electronics from a reputable company Astrel or Balboa with a built-in wifi module that allows you to control it. Jacuzzi PROVENCE is a personalized product. There are as many as 6 different colors of the basins to choose from. The modern bathtub casing is made of white acrylic and durable polymer resistant to UV radiation. The material has a wood-like appearance and is available in as many as 5 different colors to choose from. The thermal cover mounted on a solid frame is made of the highest quality yacht leather to choose from in as many as 7 colors. Full technical specification below.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification:

  • Length: 2185 mm
  • Width: 2185 mm
  • Height: 930 mm
  • Depth: 850 mm
  • Capacity: 1600 L
  • Weight:
      1. System Luxor: 340 kg
      1. System Relax: 325 kg
      1. System White: 315 kg
  • Number of reclining places: 2
  • Number of seats: 3
  • Headrests: YES 3 pcs.
Power consumption:
  • 230 / 240V ~ 50/60 Hz 1x32 A IPX5
  • 380 / 400V ~ 50/60 Hz 3x16 A IPX5


Total number of nozzles 62 62 52
Water pump 4 3 2
Air pump 1 - -
Electronics Astrel/Balboa Astrel/Balboa Astrel/Balboa
Ozonator 1 1 -
LED 29 17 1
UV lamp 1 - -
Hydromassage power regulator 3 3 -

Configuration options

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