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Accessories and parts for shower enclosures, acrylic tubs and whirlpool bathtubs

Accessories and parts for shower enclosures, acylic tubs and whirlpool bathtubs -

In our offer we propose the spare parts for shower cabins and bathtubs.

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White bathtub cushion with suction cups

Time to relax while bathing! The offered bathtub headrest is made of pleasant-to-touch and soft polyurethane foam. Thanks to two strong suction cups, it can be attached to the bathtub surface easily, quickly and simply.

49,00 zł

Square pinwheel fan for steam cabin with sauna

The fan is designed for installation in a steam cabin with hydromassage. A fan measuring 9x9 cm with a cable over 140 cm long. Black windmill with seven blades.

24,00 zł

Steam sauna set with a 3kW steam generator

A professional steam sauna set with a 3kW steam generator designed for installation in a prepared room or as a set of service parts for repairing or upgrading a hydromassage shower cabin.

1 500,00 zł

3-hole tap for whirlpool tub

A complete bathtub faucet consisting of three elements: 2 x closing / opening valve for hot / cold water and a switching (mixing) valve for a stream of water for two elements (e.g. a shower head and a bath spout).

325,00 zł

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